As a consortium of professionals who had the vision, ingenuity and specialization in various disciplines of services with the objective to develop the professional skills and to provide quality services to the ally & people at large. From the outset, Acute ERP Solutions established a sound track record in the design and implementation of development programs with particular focus on advancement of technical expertise geared towards Institutional capacity building, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and Human Resources Development (HRD).

In the process, Acute ERP Solutions maintains a pool of multidisciplinary experts drawn from different areas of Sciences & Arts like, Computers, Marketing, Business Development, Software Development, IT Education. The firm is also equipped with substantial Modern Computer Systems and logistic facilities and above all, skilled professionals.

Acute ERP Solutions professional commitment, profound knowledge, team spirit, professionals, logistic support and years of real-life association with the contemporary development process already made it a front-line consulting entity in Information Technology of the country.


Bringing whole Bangladesh under the umbrella of Information Technology services and to contribute to a great extent for the development of Human Resource, Environmental and Social production and to the enrichment of national economy.


 Software Development, Implementation, Marketing & Support-Services.
 The success of every enterprise solutions seeker from around the world. That is our mission to introduce software can manage all of the required resources of an enterprise with providing the easiest user interface and remotely controlling sys to make the accessing system much more contented and freestyle.
 Software Aided Business Executive Course towards Human Resource
Development and to develop Professionalism.

Acute ERP Solutions provides business solutions software and contract services for the analysis, system design, programming and implementation of client server and Page 2 of 15 enterprise-wide business applications through developing customized software, and data communications systems along with legacy systems. Acute ERP Solutions also has developed MIS (Accounting & Inventory). Efficient Management and effective monitoring of projects is viewed as one of important aspects where sophisticated computer based tools are of great use.

Acute ERP Solutions has acquired a highly skilled professional team for marketing its software, implementation and support services. The company has association with Tally Solutions India (Pvt.) Limited, Bangalore, India which has made a complete synergy in its operations to provide very high value added IT solutions & services.

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